• Dave Cohen
    CEO, Fluence Bioengineering
    Welcome to PHOTOx
  • Bruce Bugbee, Ph.D.
    Professor, Utah State University
    Far-Red: The Forgotten Photons
  • Celina Gomez, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, University of Florida
    Can We Predict Plant Growth with Specific Light Spectra
  • Sam Burgner, Jeremy Plumb, David Hawley
    GrupoFlor, PrufCultivar, Fluence
    Panel #1: Experimenting with Lighting Panel
  • Leo Marcelis, Ph.D.
    Professor, Wageningen University
    Full Control of Plant Growth by LED Lighting
  • Dan McClure
    Vice President of Agronomy, MedMen
    Greenhouse Cannabis Production
  • Rhydian Beynon-Davies, Ph.D.
    Head of Novel Growing Systems, Stockbridge Technology Centre
    Impact of Light Spectra on Operational and Environmental Factors in a Controlled Environment
  • Eric J. Mathur
    Chief Science Officer, TILT Genetics
    Molecular Breeding & Improvement in Jatropha, Guayule & Cannabis Hybrid Cultivars
  • Jeffrey Adelberg, Ph.D.
    Professor, Clemson University
    Multifactor Designs for Rapid Progress in Controlled Environments
  • Atul Patel
    CEO & Co-Founder, Edyza
    High-Density Sense and Control
  • Dave Hawley
    Environmental Scientist at the University of Guelph
    Modifying Cannabis Bud Quality and Yield with Sub-Canopy Lighting
  • Derek Smith, Jesse Peters, Matt McGregor
    RII, C21, SMUD
    Panel #2: Growing Efficiently – a Vertical View



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