• Nick Klase
    CEO & Co-Founder, Fluence Bioengineering
  • Rob Eddy
    CEO, CEA Consultancy
    Avoiding Pitfalls Through Proper Implementation
  • Allison Justice, Ph.D. & Josh Gerovac, M.Sc.
    VP of Cultivation, OutCo | Horticulture Scientist Fluence Bioengineering
    Economic Impact of Light Intensity on Yield and Secondary Metabolites
  • Robert Laing
    CEO & Founder, Farm.One
    Urban Farming Specialty Crops for Michelin Star Chefs
  • David Bernard-Perron
    Growing Operations, The Green Organic Dutchman
    The Future of Organic Cannabis Production at Commercial Scale
  • Paul Selina
    VP of Applied Research, Village Farms
    Experimenting with 25 Acres of Greenhouse Grown Cannabis
  • Damian Solomon
    Plant Geek Consulting, LLC
    Leveraging AGTECH for Commercial Cannabis Production - The Journey Continues
  • Lasse Shulze, Ph.D.
    Director of R&D and Horticulture, The Peace Naturals Project
    Commercial Cannabis Production for a Global Market
  • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans
    Owner, Buglady Consulting
    Pest Management Under Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • John Van der Wilk
    VP of Business Development, Priva
    Improving Crop Production and Sustainability Through DLI Automation & Climate Control
  • Marc Van Iersel Ph.D.
    Dooley Professor, Dept. of Horticulture, University of Georgia
    Light-Use Efficiency and the Effects of Light Quality on Crop Production
  • Rob Battiston & Adrian Giovenco
    Founding Engineers, InSpire
    Controlling Temperature & Relative Humidity Independently Within an Integrated System - Advanced HVAC Design in Controlled Agriculture Environments
  • Michael Williamson, Jeremy Plumb & Eric Culberson
    Director of Operations, FLRish Inc. and Harborside Health Center | Co-Founder, Farma & PRUF | Director of Cultivation, Columbia Care
    Genetics, Chemotype Expression, and the Patient

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